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WAT Tool Co.,Ltd was established in March 2011 and is a family owned business and professional manufacturer of high quality carbide cutting tools and CNC machine tool accessories, office based in Dongguan of Guangdong and factory in Changzhou of Jiangsu.

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    HSS Drill Bits Played A Big Role
    the common high-speed steel drill bit is also many types,
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    Carbide End Mill Re-grinding Frequency
    Structure of Carbide Milling Cutter
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    Carbide Inserts High-tech Industry
    Carbide knives are the "teeth" of the machine tool industry.
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    HSS Drill Bits Durable
    Carbide drill bit of the advantages and disadvantages:
  • 4 Flute Popular Extra Length Carbide Corner Radius End Mills
    3 Flute Helix 55 Degree Carbide End Mills For Aluminum
    All Degrees Of High Quality Carbide Engraving Bits
    APMT Carbide Milling Inserts
    BAP End Milling Holder With APMT Inserts
    EMR Corner Radius Face Milling Cutter With RPMW Inserts
    Our Service
    We are very proud of our products with high quality, high cost performance and good service, for this we have won lots of praises from our clients in various industries such as CNC Machining, Motor Vehicle manufacture, IT industry and Glass production.